lets grow at home! Working through covid19

Due to government social distancing guidelines, I've been unable to get out and about, serving our regular customers. Its not all bad news though as I've found a new project to get us through the weeks of lockdown.

I'm currently in isolation with my family as I've asthma and its not really safe for me to be on my own. The garden here is always kept looking great, but there is a small patch of waste ground situated at the very top of the garden. This was once a chicken run, but was abandoned 5ish years ago. With some time on my hands I thought why not turn this into a small growing patch for veg, flowers and a small greenhouse!

The section of ground is around 40ft by 10ft, but we'll take it slow with a small beds first! I'm hoping this will give me a chance to show how easy and more importantly how cheap growing at home can be! Amazon orders have been placed, the tools are out and the work begins!

The ground as you can see has become overgrown. To add to the pain of clearing it, the old chicken wire and other unknown objects are buried in the soil and grass! I'll take a lot of this ground back to the mud, beginning with the strimmer and then using the mower to gather up the weeds and grass we pull apart!

This week I'll hopefully have the space for our makeshift greenhouse cleared and levelled and the first bed area ready to be turned! If you are interested in getting green fingered for these next few weeks, message any questions and queries I'll be happy to answer